Live music @ Ropery Hall

  • Snake Davis with Tom Darwood & Melissa Cook

    1st September 2024 7.30pm £15/£17 | Buy Tickets

    Sax On Sunday With all due respect, most of Snake's guest players are greying and ageing with him. He is massively looking forward to having to keep up with these very talented youngsters, playing...More info

  • Jake Vaadeland

    5th September 2024 8pm £15/£17 | Buy Tickets

    Jake Vaadeland is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Saskatchewan, Canada. His traditional sound and unique style could be defined as a blend of Bluegrass and 50’s Rockabilly, ...More info

  • Barton Rotary Variety Show 2024

    7th September 2024 7.30pm £5 | Buy Tickets

    Rotary present an evening of comedy, drama and song showcasing the talents of everyday Barton folk.All proceeds will go to local charities ...More info

  • Aynsley Lister

    13th September 2024 8pm £18/£20 | Buy Tickets

    Aynsley returns to The Ropewalk with his incredible band for a night of electrifying music that will have you hooked from the first note.  Lister has been at the top of the Blues scene for over t...More info

  • Cara Dillon

    14th September 2024 8pm £23/£25 | Buy Tickets

    Cara Dillon, an extraordinary, multiple award-winning Irish folk singer, and acclaimed musician and producer Sam Lakeman, will captivate listeners once again with their exquisite and enthralling live...More info

  • Mad Dog Mcrea

    20th September 2024 8pm £20/£22 | Buy Tickets

    Mad Dog Mcrea blend a unique mixture of folk rock, pop, gypsy jazz, bluegrass and ‘shake your ass’ music. From self-penned songs of adventure, drinking, love and life, to traditional songs of gyp...More info


    21st September 2024 8pm £15/£17 | Buy Tickets

    Award-winning London-based saxophone player and composer Kasper Rietkerk worked with John Carrol Kirby, Eddie Chacon and Jean Toussaint among others. His work is rooted in a jazz tradition,but also i...More info

  • Stevens & Pound

    26th September 2024 8pm £15/£17 | Buy Tickets

    BBC Radio 3’s award-winning Delia Stevens and three time BBC Radio 2 Folk Musician of the Year nominee, Will Pound, deliver an unprecedented collaboration, following the creative evolution of the c...More info

  • The Dirt Road Band

    27th September 2024 8pm £15/£17 | Buy Tickets

    The Dirt Road Band is the brainchild of guitar legend Steve Walwyn, mainly known as the longest serving guitar player in Dr Feelgood (32 Years). During this time, he amassed a massive reputation as a...More info

  • Snake Davis Solo

    29th September 2024 4pm £15/£17 | Buy Tickets

    Snake Davis is on his own tonight, an informal acoustic evening of music and chat in two parts. Actually not really on his own, in Part 1 he’ll have his musical instrument family with him, t...More info

  • A Night of Glass 

    3rd October 2024 8pm   £15/£17 | Buy Tickets

    A Night Of Glass - Dan Whitehouse with special guest Gustaf Ljunggren  A musical journey into the heart of glass in its myriad manifestationsOver the past two years, acclaimed singer-songwriter D...More info

  • Martin Stephenson and The Daintees

    4th October 2024 8pm £20/£22 | Buy Tickets

    Inspired by early Cure and the Brighton scene, Martin began his career as a busker aged 15 and then spent three years plying his trade as the guitar player in various bands in the north-east of E...More info

  • Alex Hamilton Band

    11th October 2024 8pm £15/£17 | Buy Tickets

    Alex Hamilton (formerly Lewis Hamilton) has become an established part of the British Blues/Rock scene . Gaining notoriety on the back of being a talented young guitarist with skills beyond his a...More info

  • Blackbeard’s Tea Party

    12th October 2024 8pm £15/£17 | Buy Tickets

    Be prepared to stamp your wooden legs: Blackbeard's Tea Party are back with their latest album 'We Are People'. Blackbeard's Tea Party continue to put their signature twist on British folk music w...More info

  • Judie Tzuke

    18th October 2024 8pm £30/£32 | Sold Out

    Jude The UnsinkableThis intimate evening of old favourites and songs from her acclaimed new album, Jude The Unsinkable, sees Judie Tzuke perform a set of beautiful crafted songs highlighting her stat...More info

  • Richard Strange

    19th October 2024 8pm £14/£16 | Buy Tickets

    presents: An Accent Waiting to Happen A collection of songs, stories, film clips, anecdotes, gossip and readings from his critically-acclaimed memoir “Strange- Punks and Drunks and Flicks and Ki...More info

  • Philip Clouts Quartet

    24th October 2024 8pm  £14/£16 | Buy Tickets

    Melodic jazz with inspirations from around the world. Cape Town-born pianist/composer Clouts’ South African roots have inspired a voyage of discovery that has led to him soaking up the joyful passi...More info

  • Gordon Giltrap

    26th October 2024 8pm £20/£22 | Buy Tickets

    Over five decades, Gordon Giltrap has graced the music business with his dedication to his craft and his affection for his audience. As one of the UK's most respected guitarists, he has consistentl...More info

  • Snake Davis/Frank Birkbeck/Andy Tytherleigh

    27th October 2024 4pm £16/£18 | Buy Tickets

    Joining Snake tonight is the immensely talented Frank Birkbeck, a professional guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. Frank’s musical prowess is immense and and has led him to perform at renowned...More info

  • Jim Causley and Miranda Sykes

    2nd November 2024 8pm £16/£18 | Buy Tickets

    Jim Causley and Miranda Sykes present - Ghosts, Werewolves and Countryfolk - the songs and stories of Sabine Baring-GouldSix-time BBC Folk Award nominee Jim Causley and Miranda Sykes of award-winning...More info

  • Nosferatu 

    6th November 2024 7.30pm  £8/£10 | Buy Tickets

    The silent masterpiece with a brand-new live score The FilmNosferatu (1922) is arguably the film that gave birth to the horror genre. Notable as the first cinematic interpretation of Bram Stoker...More info

  • Alice Armstrong

    8th November 2024 8pm £15/£17 | Buy Tickets

    Alice Armstrong is a singer-songwriter and entertainer from the UK, gaining traction like a runaway train on the British live music scene.  Known for her impressive vocal range, unconventional l...More info

  • Harriet

    9th November 2024 8pm £22.50/£24.50 | Buy Tickets

    Live, for one night only! Harriet performs intimate interpretations of her favourite sounds of the 70s, including hits by The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Carole King and The Carpenters, interlaced with he...More info

  • The Hanging Stars

    15th November 2024 8pm £15/£17 | Buy Tickets

    Channelling the sounds of The Byrds, Big Star and The Flying Burrito Brothers, as well as hints of Mojave 3 and The Allah Las, The Hanging Stars mainline the dying embers of the early 70s p...More info

  • Calan

    16th November 2024 8pm £21.5o/£23 | Buy Tickets

    A Mythical Musical Odyssey with CALAN  Immerse yourself in an enchanting world as the mesmerising quartet CALAN  grace our stage with their unique brand of power-folk. This musical ...More info

  • Granny’s Attic

    21st November 2024 8pm £14/£16 | Buy Tickets

    We are pleased to be welcoming Granny's Attic to The Ropewalk as part of their 15th anniversary tour. With exceptional musicianship and boundless energy, Granny’s Attic are going from stren...More info

  • Track Dogs

    22nd November 2024 8pm £18/£20 | Buy Tickets

    Track Dogs are four international “madrileños” (Garrett Wall, Dave Mooney, Howard Brown & Robbie K. Jones) 2 Irishmen, an Englishman and an American. Based in Spain, the band name comes from...More info

  • Tom Killner Band

    23rd November 2024 8pm £14/£16 | Buy Tickets

    Tom Killner, a 28-year-old award-winning powerhouse vocalist and guitar player, who straddles the line between genres with soulfully infused Blues, Southern Rock, Country, and Americana, winning over...More info

  • Eleanor McEvoy

    30th November 2024 8pm £20/£22 | Buy Tickets

    Eleanor McEvoy was born on Dublin’s northside. After college, she pursued a career as a session musician in Dublin, collaborating with a multitude of artists and groups including U2, Sinead O...More info

  • GreenMatthews’ GAUDETE! 

    12th December 2024 7.30pm £14/£16 | Buy Tickets

    Following on from GreenMatthews' 10 years of successful touring Christmas shows, Gaudete! is an expanded lineup playing new and exciting arrangements of Chris and Sophie’s popular festive fare. Fea...More info

  • Jackie Oates & John Spiers

    13th December 2024 8pm £15/£17 | Buy Tickets

    Multi award-winning contemporary folk artists Jackie Oates and John Spiers meld together their shared love of English traditional folk tunes and songs with their fine voices and expertly pl...More info

  • The Guilty Men

    14th December 2024 8pm £15/£17 | Buy Tickets

    Days of the Supergroup may be long past… but The Guilty Men would surely qualify for that description! The band is made up of five of the finest musicians from the Northwest of England. Between the...More info

  • The Churchfitters Christmas Cracker

    19th December 2024 8pm £14/£16 | Buy Tickets

    The Churchfitters is a folk group like no other. A double bass made out of scrap metal. Heart-wrenching vocals accompanied by a musical saw. Foot-stomping fiddle mixed with infectious funk-rock rhyth...More info

  • Folklincs Ceilidh

    20th December 2024 8pm £5/£3 | Buy Tickets

    Calling all ceilidh callers, musicians, or dancers!This is your chance to have a go in a friendly encouraging atmosphere or just come along, listen or dance!All ages welcome ...More info

  • The Albion Christmas Show

    23rd December 2024 8pm £25/£27 | Buy Tickets

    An Albion Christmas has been touring for 20 years and is widely regarded as the premier seasonal show and attracts sell-out audiences across the UK.  Indeed many people say that their Christmas does...More info

  • Cutting Crew

    15th February 2025 8pm £24/£26 | Buy Tickets

    Nick van Eede formed Cutting Crew in 1985 and within two years this Grammy nominated, Anglo-Canadian band had scored multiple worldwide hits including, of course, their 1987 USA #One, the timeless, m...More info

  • Lynne Hanson

    29th March 2025 8pm £15/£17 | Buy Tickets

    Too tough for folk and too blues-influenced for country, LYNNE HANSON’s brand of porch music with a little red dirt can turn on a dime from a sunshine, blue sky ballad to a full on thunderstorm of ...More info

  • Lynne Hanson

    29th March 2025 8pm £15/£17 | Buy Tickets

    Too tough for folk and too blues-influenced for country, Lynne Hanson’s brand of porch music with a little red dirt can turn on a dime from a sunshine, blue sky ballad to a full-on thunderstorm of ...More info

  • Edwina Hayes

    4th October 2025 8pm £15/£17 | Buy Tickets

    One of the finest female singer/songwriters this country has produced in years. Edwina brings together English folk, Americana and the rich Northern singer/songwriter tradition to create a sound that...More info