Live music @ Ropery Hall

  • Sound of the Sirens

    21st May 2022 8pm £14/£16 | Buy Tickets

    ‘Damage Control’, now to be released in March 22, is a collection of unique and contrasting songs that were born over 2019-2020, and produced by Saul Davies from rock band James. The songs ta...More info

  • Daphne’s Flight

    28th May 2022 8pm   £15/£17 | Buy Tickets

    Daphne’s Flight was created 25 years ago by five of the leading singer songwriters of their generation - Chris While, Julie Matthews, Melanie Harrold, Helen Watson and Christine Collister. Described...More info

  • Midnight Skyracer

    3rd June 2022 8pm £14/£16  | Buy Tickets

    Midnight Skyracer have come a long way in a very short time. Since forming in 2017, the Anglo-Irish all-female quintet have become festival sensations across the UK, Europe and Australasia, toure...More info

  • Nell Bryden

    23rd June 2022 8pm £20 | Buy Tickets

    This may seem like the tour that has gotten pushed back a million times, but in the lull of the pandemic Nell Bryden has been anything but quiet. She has written and recorded a whole new album in Manh...More info

  • Two Pianos 

    1st July 2022 8pm £14/£16 | Buy Tickets

    Barton Arts Festival present ...Two Pianos. Join the sensational David Barton and Al Kilvo for an intimate 'unplugged' evening of Two Pianos as they battle it out to deliver the best rock 'n' roll...More info

  • Polly Paulusma

    1st October 2022 8pm £14/£16 | Buy Tickets

    Polly Paulusma follows up her critically-acclaimed 2021 album ‘Invisible Music’ with ‘The Pivot On Which The World Turns’ (Wild Sound/OLI 2022), affectionately shortened to ‘Pivot’. The a...More info

  • Kit Hawes & Aaron Catlow

    3rd October 2022 8pm £14/£16 | Buy Tickets

    Kit Hawes and Aaron Catlow are a Bristol based duo playing acoustic, folk and roots music. Weaving a musical dialogue between fiddle, guitar and voice, Kit and Aaron explore the rich musical h...More info

  • Belinda O’Hooley

    16th October 2022 7.30pm £14/£16 | Buy Tickets

    Belinda O’Hooley began playing the piano at the age of seven. She is an exceptionally gifted pianist, singer, songwriter and composer and has become renowned for her highly individual, emotiona...More info

  • Jesse Terry and Emma Stevens

    20th October 2022 8pm £12/£14 | Buy Tickets

    A double-header JESSE TERRY Whatever magic potion the troubadours in Laurel Canyon were sipping on in 1971, Jesse Terry has managed to track it down and take a deep gulp. Now on his seventh album, W...More info

  • Hanging Stars 

    22nd October 2022 8pm £14/£16 | Buy Tickets

    Channelling the sounds of The Byrds, Big Star and The Flying Burrito Brothers, as well as hints of Mojave 3 and The Allah Las, The Hanging Stars mainline the dying embers of the early ‘70s psyche...More info

  • Kris Drever

    17th November 2022 8pm £17/£19 | Buy Tickets

    Kris Drever is a Scottish folk singer songwriter, who has won multiple awards including an incredible 7 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, two shortlist nominations for Scottish Album of The Year (with his tri...More info