Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage

Hannah and Ben released a new album Ink of the Rosy Morning on Topic Records in early 2022. Since emerging in 2016, they have been defying all conventions of style, genre and compartmentalisation. This seemingly unlikely duo has recorded two studio albums, Before the Sun (2016) and Awake (2018), produced by award-winning producer David Travers-Smith in Toronto, were both praised for the crafting and skill of their musical writing and arranging.

 They have toured the UK, North America and mainland Europe, enrapturing audiences at shows and on festival stages alongside Americana and folk luminaries such as Sarah Jarosz, Martin Simpson, Seth Lakeman and Oh Susanna. They also appeared at the West Java World Music Festival, Indonesia in 2019.

Hannah has an alluring mystique and a voice of disarming purity that massages your senses with gentle ease. Ask her nicely and she will discuss witchcraft, tarot cards and her adventures in a family band busking through Europe in an old school bus.

Ben is a bubbling ferment of energy, all fluffy hair, unkempt charm and infectious enthusiasm who will seemingly play any instrument you care to put in front of him with grace and favour. Ask him nicely and he will debate any musical tradition you care to mention and will tell you all about the dobro and his adventures with the band The Willows. 

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Date of event:

14th October 2023

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8pm £14/£16