The Cinelli Brothers

The Cinelli Brothers, with UK Blues awards nomination best blues band for the years 2020, 2021 and 2022,  have a passion for the music of the 1960s, an amalgam of blues, rock and soul, and add a twist of contemporary style, making them a rising force on the music scene. Their appeal crosses all manner of boundaries, attracting a significantly younger crowd to their shows as well as pleasing the ears of older fans. Brothers Marco (guitar, keys, vocals) and Alessandro (drums, B/V’s) are joined by Tom Julian-Jones (guitar, harmonica, vocals) and Stephen Giry (bass, guitar, B/V’s). The band has released three albums to date – Babe Please Set Your Alarm (2018), Villa Juke Joint (2021) and No Country For Bluesmen (2022), featuring guests on every track, including Dana Gillespie, Ian Siegal, Big Joe Louis and many up and coming stars of the British blues scene.

The Cinelli Brothers tour widely in the UK and across Europe, playing clubs and festivals, delivering live shows of predominantly original material with high energy, great musicianship and showmanship. They have been nominated for UK Blues Awards and are establishing themselves as one of the leading lights of the UK blues scene. Definitely a band not to be missed!

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10th February 2024

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8pm £16/£18
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