Nine below Zero Duo

During the pandemic Dennis Greaves put the lockdown to good use by compiling all the analog tapes in many formats he had in the loft and converting them to digital. The idea of DenMark was to re-record and remix all the acoustic tracks that had been made on ZED RECORDS since 2000 and with a host of brand new tracks, make the DEFINITIVE NINE BELOW ZERO ACOUSTIC COLLECTION. 

Dennis and Mark have been performing as a Duo since their debut DUO album released in 2015. This was mainly a roots collection of their favourite Blues Artist’s Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee, Sonny Boy Williamson, Hank Williams and many more. Mark and Dennis decided to start performing as a Duo to show their influences and love of the Blues and the reason why they formed Nine Below Zero back in 1977 in the middle of the Punk, Pub Rock scene.

Mark Feltham over the years, as well as being a founder member of Nine Below Zero has become the number one session Harmonica player in the UK, as well as joining The Rory Gallagher band and touring the world in the mid-eighties he has recently worked with Jude Law on a stage play, teaching Jude the technique of playing  the Harmonica and has supported a list of artists from George Michael to Nigel Kennedy.

Dennis has been a member of Nine Below Zero since Day 1, producing over 20 albums, played on Stage with Eric Clapton, Billy Gibbons, The Who, The Kinks, Allman Brothers, Brian May and many more of his guitar heroes.

DenMark is the culmination of the 40 plus years experience the Duo have shared together and separately. The live gigs are an intimate, up close and personal  masterclass by Mark Feltham accompanied by his guitarist Dennis Greaves. 

Show Details

Date of event:

2nd March 2024

Event details:

8pm £20/£22