“Dominic Kelly conjures an entire world single-handed from an almost empty stage” Lancaster Guardian on MARA, September 2023

1868, northern Sweden: discharged from the army with malaria, Morten scrapes a living on the edge of the vast forest.

Suddenly he begins to suffer nightmares and mysterious visits as he sleeps. A friend tells him he’s plagued by a Mara – a possessed person who visits another in spirit form. To free himself from the Mara, he must discover their identity. But who is it?

To find out, he begins to closely watch the world around him. But as he becomes aware of his neighbours’ lives and the life of the ancient forest, his own begins to transform…

Entertaining, unsettling and moving, this solo storytelling performance is: a whodunnit; a dive into the dreamscape of Swedish folklore; a love story; a journey into Europe’s ancient forests a playful look at our relationship with sleep; and an exploration of what really means to be awake.

Dominic Kelly’s warm, witty and powerful storytelling style has captivated audiences around the world, from India to the Arctic Circle. His UK venues include the Barbican, National Theatre, British Museum, and The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival.

Resident in the Lake District, he lived in Sweden for seven years, where he still spends much time. Married into a Hälsingland family, he knows intimately the landscape, nature, culture and folklore of northern Sweden; in MARA, he takes you on an immersive, unforgettable journey into this place, though experiences we can all relate to.

“What a treat” The Times

“★★★★★ With great style and confidence, he blended stories into a gripping, satisfying whole.” The Cornishman

“Storyteller Dominic Kelly catches the mood with unerring skill as he builds an atmosphere of excitement… the end result is quite simply awesome and had the audience entranced.” Dorset Echo

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Show Details

Date of event:

18th January 2024

Event details:

7.30pm £13/£15