Source – James Kerry

The Source tour will consist of an exciting new concert, based around James Kerry’s latest album of the same name. It will consist of fiddle songs, and tunes by James Delarre, a stalwart of English folk music, followed by James Kerry and the band’s performance of the album.
James Kerry: From Kent, and an established member of the modern English folk scene, James Kerry is well known for his passionate, rhythmic playing rooted in folk dance tradition. Having begun his musical journey at a young age, fuelled by a local legend, he quickly progressed and has since played extensively in the Morris and ceilidh circuits and performed with many bands and groups including Foot Down, and the Hilltop Ceilidh Band, both of which he is a founding member of.
I have been an admirer of James’s melodeon playing since I first heard him… He has developed his own style rooted in traditional Morris but merged with modern techniques learnt from the likes of Andy Cutting. Simon Dundas, Sandwich Folk and Ale Festival.
James Delarre:
A veteran and founding member of the critically acclaimed Topette!! Mawkin and Mawkin: Causley, James has established himself as a stalwart of the English traditional music scene. As a fiddle player he is in high demand and has worked with some of the country’s top musicians and groups including, Eliza Carthy, Bombay Bicycle Club, Jim Moray, Jim Causley, Saul Rose, appearances with Bellowhead and Jools Holland as well as work as a musician on TV and film. His filmography includes Peaky Blinders, Far from the Madding Crowd, Tulip Fever and My Cousin Rachel, to name but a few. Steeped in traditional music from an early age, the tunes pour out of his fingertips filling the air with a rich tapestry of emotion. The flow and natural swagger of the melodies have room to breathe, enticing the listener to tap a foot or wipe a tear away. His voice speaks through the violin creating a perfect accompaniment for the songs he sings with a raw natural sound.

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Show Details

Date of event:

26th October 2023

Event details:

8pm £14/£16