Daphne’s Flight

Daphne’s Flight are Chris While, Julie Matthews, Helen Watson, Melanie Harrold & Miranda Sykes

Featuring 5 of the finest singer-songwriters of their generation, the music of Daphne’s Flight is a unique and magical blend of their individual styles, completely captivating and inspiring audiences with their complex harmony arrangements, unbridled energy and infectious joy of performing together. Crossing a huge range of topics and genres, blending folk, blues, jazz and pop all woven together with striking harmonies and supported by a range of instrumentation and percussion.

The music of Daphne’s Flight is a magical layering of sensitivity, beauty, experience and empowerment. Their songs are thought provoking, uplifting, empowering and relatable. They continue to inspire audiences with the warmth, energy and sheer joy they bring to their performances.
They are, quite simply, a force to be reckoned with. With a new blend of personalities and musical synergy a new energy and hope sees Daphne’s Flight continue to fly and build on the momentum of their 2017 reunion tour.
2022 saw a new chapter begin with Christine Collister pulling out of the band for personal reasons and Miranda Sykes (Show of Hands) joining. The result was a truly memorable and critically acclaimed tour in May of that year.

“Daphne’s Flight, you were magnificent, thank you” Stephen Sorrell
“You made our Cambridge” Annie
“You won’t hear many better singers than these all on the same stage” Kit Bailey
“Setting Cambridge alight with Pride. Thank you ladies” Fiona McCaffrey
You were awesome. Thank you” Beverley Aarons
“I saw you 3 times at Cambridge and in all honesty felt you were the best act on. You bring such joy to your gigs” Dave Wildman

Show Details

Date of event:

8th September 2023

Event details:

8pm £20/£22