Barnstormers Oct 22

As ever, a top Barnstormers Comedy MC will be on hand to introduce three more excellent acts from the UK Comedy Circuit and beyond. Tonight, they are: no-nonsense Black Country lad Sean Percival, ‘…the big gold star of the show must be the long-haired man from Dudley. He came. He spoke. He had us curled up begging for more …’ – Evening Mail TV; erudite Geordie Raul Kohli, ‘A powerful, passionate, open-minded, intelligent voice. It is superb political comedy and commentary’ – The Scotsman; and Cheshire comedian Kevin Dewsbury, ‘Slickness and sheer talent win you over in one click of his comedy fingers’ – Time Out

Show Details

Date of event:

28th October 2022

Event details:

8pm £10/£12