Sound of the Sirens

‘Damage Control’, now to be released in March 22, is a collection of unique and contrasting songs that were born over 2019-2020, and produced by Saul Davies from rock band James. The songs take you on an emotional journey through reflection, love, loss, disappointment, anger, excitement hope, and many more, with each song purposefully capturing a different emotion. Ending with the words ‘a world where we can all together sing’  reflecting on the traumas we have all faced over the last couple of years. This album captures a sound that Sound of The Sirens have been hoping to achieve for many years, and Saul has managed to help them create this.

“We are very excited to share this record with our fans, and we hope it will reach more people with this new and evolved sound. It is still us, but with a new flavour added. We are so excited to be bringing more musicians in to play live with next year. It’s what we’ve been working towards and it feels like it is finally happening!”

Sound of the Sirens is a singer-song writing duo based in Exeter, Devon, comprising of Abbe Martin and Hannah Wood. Honing their craft over the past decade, Martin and Wood have cemented themselves as firm favourites not only on the West Country scene, but nationally, and internationally too. Their status, and fast-growing fan-base is not only testament to the pair’s prowess as songwriters and musicians, but as people too.

Martin and Wood are two of the hardest working musicians on the scene and wear their hearts very much on their sleeves in terms of their song writing. The pair glide gracefully through laments of past relationships, and life experiences, as well as highlighting the important topics of the day, namely mental health awareness, and homelessness. Without being pigeonholed into any stereotypical genre, the instrumentation of the band is vast, and varied. Martin plays acoustic and high-strung (Nashville tuning) guitar, mandolin, and bass drum, while partner in crime Wood plays acoustic and electric guitar, tambourine, snare drum, and the piano.

The pair’s musical and vocal dexterity dovetail beautifully on the co-written songs, which range from beautiful, emotive ballads, to up-beat, foot stomping, hands in the air, sing-along anthems. The dynamic duo and their musical creations translate very well onto recorded media, but it is in the live arena where the girls truly excel. There is a certain majesty about their live performances that simply cannot be put into words. It is this “je ne sais quoi” that keeps their loyal fans returning from far and wide to see these two perform. It is not just nearly two hours of high-quality live music you get for the entrance fee.  A Sound of the Sirens show is much more than that. The onstage chemistry, camaraderie, and banter is worth the ticket price alone.

Support: The People Versus (duo)

Formed in 2019, THE PEOPLE VERSUS borrow from a variety of genres and traditions. Their combined voices and instrumental lines swoop, circle and support the beguiling voice and personality of the lead singer Alice Edwards. Each song is taut with feeling and longing, with many inspired by Greek myth and tales from Shakespeare.

Their first recordings received support from BBC South Today Live News as well as BBC introducing Oxford and Shropshire. Followed by two new singles in 2021, Witch and Calypso have earned placements at international film festivals, BBC radio airplay and a feature as Richer Sounds artist of the week.

Show Details

Date of event:

21st May 2022

Event details:

8pm £14/£16