Josh Berry

RBM Presents Josh Berry & Rafe Hubris

Josh Berry: Who does he think he is?

Josh Berry will mock people who went to slightly more prestigious private schools than him and whinge about his career for the best part of forty minutes. Josh will also probably do some impressions in this time even though he pretends to be artistically above all that stuff now. 

‘Josh Berry? Fair play man, fair play’, James Acaster. 

‘Highly amusing’, Gyles Brandreth

‘Absolutely superb’, Jon Culshaw. 

‘Truly excellent work’, Omid Djalili. 

‘A remarkable new talent’, Rob Brydon. 

Rafe Hubris: In Auditorium cum Hubris

Rafe Hubris (BA, OXON) is, by his own admission, ‘the most promising 25 year old special advisor (SPAD) to the Conservative party and definitely the most classic’. Watch this supremely confident Eton and Oxford alumnus tell the story of the pandemic which he helped the government organise ‘vary vary wall’, all whilst ‘un peu coké’. The show will be divided between Rafe’s ‘absolutely classic’ anecdotes about his time in government and his answers to your submitted questions. Rafe has also promised to secure all those who buy a ticket with a tasty PPE contract (PPE is incidentally what Rafe studied at Oxford University when he was a student there getting a degree from Oxford). 

‘Enjoyable’, Dominic Maxwell, The Times. 

‘Brilliant’, Owen Jones



Show Details

Date of event:

15th October 2021

Event details:

8pm  £14/£16